Cooperation activities

Name of measure: Cooperation activities

Legal basis: Article 64 of Regulation (EU) No 508/2014 and Article 35(1)(c) of Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013

Measure summary: Co-financing of the costs of the FLAG arising from the implementation of certain cooperation activities of the FLAG both in the country (cooperation between FLAGs) as well as with territories in other Member States or third countries (transnational cooperation).

Support may be granted to:

  • inter-territorial and transnational cooperation projects,
  • preparatory technical support for inter-territorial and transnational cooperation projects, on condition that FLAGs can demonstrate that they are preparing the implementation of a project.

The term ‘inter-territorial cooperation’ means cooperation within a Member State, and the term ‘transnational cooperation’ means cooperation between territories in several Member States or cooperation between at least one territory of a Member States and one or more territories in third countries.

Apart from other FLAGs, the partners of a FLAG under the EMFF may be a local public–private partnership that is implementing a community–led local development strategy within or outside the Union.

Beneficiaries: Beneficiaries of support are FLAGs.

FLAGs shall prepare a cooperation activity in collaboration with other FLAGs in the Republic of Slovenia or with a group of local private-public partnerships from other territories in the EU or third countries.

Selection criteria

Intensity of public aid: The intensity of public aid to a specific operation shall be determined by the FLAG. The maximum intensity of public aid is 85 percent of the total eligible expenditure of the operation. Rules on state aid shall be considered in determining the public aid intensity rate.